SweetPea Village is a relaxing experience you can turn to  when you need to recharge:

  • 🍵Get a cup of tea🍵
  • ✨Visit Our Local Coven✨
  • 🌸Pick Flowers and Herbs🌸

In 2017, I participated in #ResistJam, where I made the game called Activist Tea House, and while I was proud of my writing, I was not in love with my graphics. So, thinking about the end of this year and what I learned, I decided that I wanted to do a reboot of the game in Bitsy. That way I didn't have to focus so much on the graphics and could focus more on text.  

Using randomized text, there are tons of plants, interpretations of tarot cards in the major arcana, gemstones, and spells you can unearth on multiple playthroughs. It's not so much a story as much as it is just an interesting exploratory escape. 

Just as in Activist Tea House, this game is an experience for people that need to take a break and be somewhere beautiful and have a cup of tea, or something else. 

🌸Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy your time in SweetPea Village🌸


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Excellent - I like to see randomized text in Bitsy games, and it worked well here. The lovely descriptions combined nicely with the knowledge that this was a transient and unique experience to give a dreamlike effect.

Thanks a lot! I'm so happy bitsy has randomized text capabilities. 

this is so nice! it really is very calming and just gives a sense of soothing :)


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

This was really nice and calming. Thanks!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!