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a short storytelling game based on the canterbury tales for the libre baskerville jam 

used Alienmelon's ELECTRIC ZINE MAKER

you just need a tarot deck, 6 sided dice, and a penchant for storytelling. 

hope you like it!


i did write it with "no backspaces", but I wanted a zine style and little folded story telling game you can carry around, so that's why i used the ELECTRIC ZINE MAKER.


there are 3 versions:

download whichever one fits your needs best!

canterbury zine- online read only: one is if you just want to use it as a pdf on your computer

canterbury zine- a4: for an a4 print

canterbury zine- letter: for a letter print


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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canterbury zine- a4 674 kB
canterbury zine- letter 674 kB
canterbury zine- online read only 627 kB


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I love the potential of this game; combining the prompt—to tell a story with no prep—with two randomization effects to motivate and narrow your creativity is really smart. 

While I'm not familiar with The Canterbury Tales, the setting seems like it would also bring a lot of atmosphere and mood to the game. In such a short space, this is a suggestive, poignant setup.

It's also a very, very cool double-layering to both play a character & have that character telling a story to others. I'd love to see how something like this shakes out in actual play!

Thanks for the love! I'm glad you liked the concept 💕